Beauty Queen
pk 1,,is comming ~
Monday, 6 February 2012 | 00:05 | 0 comments
pk 1 ..OMG !
sblum 2,,Assalamualaikum~
senanye,,ary rbu nie,,meera ad ujian..
ary 1st da SCIENCE,,,nseb baik meera x,,huh'''
ermmm,,x taw nak p0st ap senanye,,hehehe...
ngek kan ? ? ? ?
meera mmg mcm nieyh,,gile ckit..
ptg niyh nak lpak nan member,,tp,,x sure la bley 0r x,,
sbbnye,,parents nak bwak jln..
tp,,meerqa x nak ! !
meera lbeyh ske lpak nan member !
bleyh snap gmbr byk2 !
lg sr0nok..korunxx ad ????...(x de kan ...)
ok la..
p0st nie cgt mrepek...


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