Beauty Queen
MSSD ! !
Friday, 9 March 2012 | 04:56 | 0 comments
assalamualaikum !..
lme x update bl0g niyh !
ary niue nak cter psal MSSD,,
huargghhhh,,,tak0t seyh !..
da la meera ms0k 3 acare,,
200m...byk en ?..hrmm..
brlatih x sberape un,,..x taw la bley mnang ke x un,,slalo0nye,,law kurang usaha ie,,mcm ssah ckit nak brjaye..
tp,,x taw la,,6mpk gye mcm ad harapan jep,,
ermm..naik cuti ie,,sklh ari isnin jep,,pas ue,,ary MSSD !..
doakn meera yg trbaik ea kwan2 !..
syg k0rg..bye2 !

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